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What is the self-assessment?

The online self-assessment allows your organisation to gauge the degree to which consumers, their carers, staff and leaders believe your organisation engages in person-centered practices. 

The online self-assessment enables you to assess your performance across the Guiding VALUEs and is made up of five Organisation Self-Assessment Tools (OSATs):

  1. Consumer OSAT
  2. Carer OSAT
  3. Staff OSAT (direct care worker)
  4. Staff OSAT (non-direct care worker)
  5. Leader OSAT (intended for senior manager or executive level)

"If staff feel valued then thats how they will support people"

Each OSAT asks 14 core questions, related to the service being provided. Each question is presented as a ‘key statement’, which is assessed on a five-point scale from ‘strongly agree’ to ‘strongly disagree’. The questions have been designed to gauge how well respondents think that your organisation performs with respect to person-centred practice.

Carers and all staff groups are asked an additional 14 questions to determine how well they are being supported in their roles.

Once the assessment is completed and submitted, the results will be analysed and a customised report will be generated on the website and available for you to download (minimising the workload for your organisation). This report will provide an aggregate view of how the respondents believe your organisation is performing across the five guiding VALUEs.

All information entered online will be strictly confidential.

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