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Step 2: Conduct the Assessment

Step 2 is about collecting data. During this step, you build a picture of person-centred practice in your organisation by obtaining the views of consumers, carers and your staff.

You should approach the self-assessment in a way that makes best sense for you depending on the size and structure of your organisation, the types of services you deliver and the number of consumers you have.

To start using the Organisation Self-Assessment Tools (OSATs), you first need to be a registered user of the Valuing People website. Registering only takes a few minutes and will provide you access to:

  • The online tools
  • A computer-generated analysis of results once the surveys are complete
  • A collection of reports to help you assess and develop your organisation’s capacity for person-centred care.

How to register

Follow these simple steps to register for the assessment.

  1. Click on the ‘Register for the Assessment’ link, located on every page of the website.
  2. Supply an email address. This becomes the username for the Organisation Adminstrator to access the self-assessment.
  3. Answer some basic questions about your organisation’s size, location and activities. These help develop a profile of your organisation.
  4. Submit your registration.
  5. You will then receive a unique ID for your organisation. This ID protects the identity of your organisation. It also allows you to complete further assessments, which you can then compare against previous assessments.

The role of the Organisation Administrator

The Organisation Adminstrator will:

  • create demographic identifiers for your organisation
  • add participants and allocate surveys
  • create different versions
  • access the results

Key actions

  1. Communicate the assessment process
    Regular, clear communication is essential. Messages should be easy to read, informative and suitable for different participants. Throughout the self-assessment process there should be opportunities for discussion so that feedback can be provided and acted upon.
  2. Engage with consumers
    Meaningful outcomes for consumers are only possible when you listen to and act upon their views. Will you conduct face-to-face interviews or provide hard copies of the surveys? Will you include the consumer, their carer, or both? How will you share the results?
  3. Engage with staff
    Involving staff is a great opportunity to let them know that their opinions matter and that effort is being made to use them in planning. Clear communication about the purpose of the assessment, what is expected and how feedback will be used will help to garner enthusiasm.
  4. Add participants
    Your nominated website administrator will have access to your organisations information and will be responsible for adding participants. Once you have identified who will participate, click the 'Add participants' button to enter the names and email addresses of those who will be taking the survey. Each participant will be assigned to a specific OSAT. A username and password will be automatically generated for each participant.
  5. Individuals complete the surveys
    Those completing the survey online will be provided with login details. The login function is available on every page of the Valuing People website. If surveys are completed offline, the data will need to be entered online by the website administrator.
  6. Enter the data
    Responses that have been collected on the paper versions will need to be entered manually the same way a respondent would if they were taking it online.

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