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How to conduct the self assessment

Valuing People helps you to engage your whole community in a process of self-assessment to identify areas where policies and practices support a person-centred approach and opportunities for improvement.

The self-assessment is designed to be simple to administer and simple to complete. There are 4 key steps. You can find out more details about each step, by clicking on the links on the left of this page.

  • Step 1: Plan the assessment
    Is about getting started with the assessment process. It is where you put in place the foundations needed for change. It occurs in a number of stages, which may overlap. Read more about planning the assessment.
  • Step 2: Conduct the assessment
    Is about collecting data. During Step 2, you build a picture of person-centred practice in your organisation by obtaining the views of consumers, carers and your staff. Read more about conducting the assessment.
  • Step 3: Interpret your results
    Is about reviewing and reflecting on progress. It is typically the responsibility of the Coordinator and/or members of the assessment team and will require identifying and analysing organisational strengths and weaknesses. Read more about interpreting your results.
  • Step 4: Where to next?
    This step is about using the result reports to develop an action plan and, going forward, ensuring that your organisation engages in a continuous process of quality improvement. Read more about where to next.

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