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How can it help my organisation?

Working through the resource and completing the self-assessment will help you identify areas where policies and practices within your organisation support person-centred practice and opportunities for improvement.

After completing the assessment, you will receive a customized report that provides an aggregate view of how respondents think your organisation is performing across the five VALUEs. It will help you to:

  • Describe what person-centred support looks like for your organisation
  • Facilitate conversations about person-centred care with your consumers and staff
  • Identify current practice and processes that are consistent with person-centred care so they can be sustained
  • Identify practice and processes that you would like to strengthen
  • Prioritise and plan the way forward

The insights from the assessment provide an excellent foundation for conversations and decision-making about actions to make your organisation a preferred provider and a place where staff want to work.

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