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Why is person-centred care important?

A person-centred approach helps organisations provide accessible, responsive and flexible services that meet the diverse needs and preferences of people living in our community. Many of these individuals want to remain independent for as long as possible and rely on the community care system to help them achieve this.

Australia is experiencing a demographic shift with a rapid increase in the number of older Australians. The population aged 65 years and over is projected to increase from 3.2 million at 30 June 2012 to between 5.7 million and 5.8 million in 2031.

The increasing number of older Australians and those who have a chronic illness such as dementia will have a major impact on both the health and comunity care systems.

The community care system is an important and growing element of aged care services in Australia that makes a tangible difference to the quality of life for many older people. Community expectations of support in the home are changing and require services to be accessible, responsive and flexible to meet diverse needs and preferences.

Person-centred approaches to support will help you to achieve this and more. They make a significant difference not only to the people you support and your staff but also to how your organisation operates and prospers.

What are the benefits of person-centred care?

Person-centred approaches:

  • Allow consumers and their carers to have greater control over their own lives by allowing them to make choices about the types of care and services they access and how and when they are delivered
  • Support staff to value and seek to know the people they care for, to understand their experience and to support them to retain as much independence and dignity as possible
  • Result in happier staff who want to stay in your organisation
  • Mean that organisations are well placed to provide culturally appropriate responses
  • Enhance an organisation’s reputation and standing
  • Provide the foundation for delivering Consumer Directed Care.

How can this resource help my organisation implement person-centred care?

Organisational structures and culture can be powerful influences on whether or not person-centred approaches are successful. The Valuing People assessment process will help you to:

  • Identify areas in need of improvement
  • Plan the necessary steps for undertaking quality improvement activities
  • Embark on a journey of organisational change

This may require your organisation to make changes to current structures and practices that must be premised on:

  • Consumers and their carers being at the centre of planning by involving them in decision-making about service development and delivery
  • Treating staff in a person-centred way so they can, in turn, deliver person-centred care.

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