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Who is the Valuing People resource for?

The Valuing People resource has been developed by Alzheimer's Australia for community care providers. It is intended primarily for those organisations who are seeking to achieve excellence in person-centred care, who are:

  • Just starting to think about opportunities for improvement
  • Looking to refresh a waning commitment
  • Wanting to identify areas of good practice
  • Wanting to ensure than an established person-centred culture is sustained over time.

The organisation assessment tool is free and available online for any community care provider regardless of their size, service mix, cultural context or location.

But my organisation already promotes person-centred care

Your organisation may have already developed a service model that promotes person-centred care; this resource is not intended to replace it. Rather, it will help you determine how well these principles are being applied across your organisation.

Best results will be achieved in situations where a relationship exists between the consumer and the service provider and when care is planned and delivered on a regular basis.


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