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What is the Valuing people resource?

Valuing People is a free and easy-to-use resource developed by Alzheimer’s Australia for community organisations to help improve the quality of support they provide. By registering for the organisational self-assessment you will have access to web-based data entry and analysis.

It has been designed to support community care providers move towards more personalised services as they transition to the consumer directed care model.

Developed in consultation with people with dementia, their family carers and community care providers, this evidence-based resource can help service providers, like you, achieve excellence in person-centred care. It does this by helping you:

  • Understand how well your organisation is meeting the needs of your users
  • Identify areas in which your organisation may be able to improve

Valuing People has been found to be useful with all consumers, not only those living with dementia.

The resource is not a 'how to' guide for person-centered care; rather it has been designed to support your organisation with practical knowledge and tools that facilitate person-centred approaches and enable you to take action and implement change within your organisation.

Based on a person-centred philosophy of care, the Valuing People resource is made up of two components, each of which are explained in more detail below:

  • A hardcopy publication and accompanying website
  • An online self-assessment

A hardcopy publication and accompanying website

This website presents a summary of the main principles outlined in the hardcopy publication (which can be downloaded as a PDF from the website).

The main sections of content on this website are:

  • About Valuing People
    This section of the website provides you with an overview of the Valuing People resource (including who it’s designed for, and how to use it), as well as an explanation of person-centred care and how this resource can help you implement it.
  • The Framework
    This section introduces the Framework of five guiding VALUEs that define person-centred care, around which this resource has been based. These values are the building blocks that you can use throughout your organisation to address consumer, staff and organisational needs.
  • The self-assessment process
    This section outlines what our organisation self-assessment process is and outlines the steps required to plan and complete the self assessment, interpret the results and plan the necessary steps for undertaking quality improvement activities.
  • Implementing change
    This section contains an overview of change management theories and some tools that can assist you in managing the steps required to develop an action plan and implement successful change within your organisation.
  • Resources
    Our website also contains a range of additional information and worksheets that can help you work through the online self-assessment process and subsequent quality improvement activities. These are all available in the ‘Resources’ section of the website, though you will also be directed to them via relevant web pages.

The online self-assessment

This free self-assessment allows organisations to gauge the degree to which consumers, their carers, staff and organisational leaders believe the organisation engages in person-centered practices.

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