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The Valuing People Framework

Alzheimer's Australia believes that people have the right to enjoy the highest possible quality of life and quality of care. Valuing People is underpinned by a Framework of guiding VALUEs that describes what person-centred care looks like.

It was developed using a model that acknowledges the importance of relationships between individuals and the network of people involved in their support.

This holistic philosophy takes into account the specific needs of each person in the network and is grounded in mutually beneficial partnerships.

The five guiding VALUEs are:

  1. Valuing People
  2. Autonomy
  3. Life Experience
  4. Understanding relationships
  5. Environment

Each of these values is further broken down into core ‘Elements’ (or behaviours). Each element is then further broken down into a set of ‘Actions’, providing examples of person-centred approaches in four key areas:

  1. Working with consumers and their carers
  2. Working with staff
  3. Organisational leadership, systems and culture
  4. Education, supervision and support

These elements and actions are building blocks that can be used to guide the development of new ways to address consumer, staff and organisational needs.

The importance of the relationship network

The level of support that a person living at home receives will vary considerably. In some cases people might have no other formal or informal support apart from your service. Others will be receiving support from multiple sources, of which your service is but one.

Seeing consumers and their support networks in their entirety will help you to work with them in a person-centred way.

The model below depicts this relationship network and its key external influences. The centre VALUE represents the Guiding VALUEs outlined above. The next ring contains all people and groups involved in the care network:

  • Person living with dementia
  • Carer/family member
  • Organisation
  • Staff

The outer ring lists broader external factors that can influence how people are supported. These are:

  • Community
  • Quality standards
  • Ageing population
  • Funding

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