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Valuing People consists of the Valuing People website and a hard copy resource that is available to download. The hard copy is organised into six sections that contain the detail behind the assessment.

Section 1

Guiding person-centred dementia care in the community

This section provides the background, overview and broad structure of the Resource.

Section 2

A systematic approach to change

This section provides an overview of change management approaches and tools to assist in the necessary steps required to implement successful change

Section 3

The Framework

This section describes the structure of the Framework in detail, including the Guiding VALUEs, Elements and Indicators for person-centred dementia support in the community

Section 4

Completing the organisation self-assessment process

This section walks you through how to conduct the self-assessment process

Section 5

The organisation self-assessment tools

This section contains the four Organisational Self-Assessment Tools (OSATs):

  • Consumer
  • Carer
  • Staff direct care worker
  • Staff non direct-care worker
  • Leader

Section 6


This section contains supplementary information including:

  • Models, principles of person-centred care
  • Additional resources
  • Organisation self-assessment timeline worksheet
  • Tips for conducting the consumer OSAT as an interview
  • Alzheimer's Australia State and Territory office contact details